Monday, July 10, 2006

Trump's Jersey City Development - Second Thoughts

From the Jersey Journal:


The Donald is hedging his bets on a twin-tower condo complex he is building in Downtown Jersey City.

The casino and development mogul told The Jersey Journal he and his main partner in the deal, Hoboken-based Metro Homes, reneged on paying $1.9 million to the city, due June 1, because he's not convinced the project's proposed second tower will become reality.

"I think it's going to be built," Trump said on Friday. "But if the world goes to hell in a handbasket it won't be built - unless you're very foolish."

The first of two towers of what will be Jersey City's Trump Plaza is under construction on Washington Boulevard between Morgan and Bay streets. The first tower - purportedly the tallest residential building in New Jersey at 55 stories - is fully financed and will be a huge success, Trump declared.

But the second tower, planned for 50 stories, "may or may not get built depending on market conditions," Trump said.

"We never really had a starting date on the second tower," he added.

Metro Homes, the majority partner in this venture, did make a $2 million "pre-payment" to Jersey City for Tower I last June, city officials said.
James McCann, the attorney representing Metro Homes, told the City Council at last week's meeting that banks financing the project are jittery about the prospects for selling out the second tower - perhaps thinking the bubble is about to burst in Jersey City's condo market.


Anonymous UnRealtor said...

Metro Homes to Trump: "You're fired!"

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