Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Carcinogens at Lennar Site?

From the Star Ledger:

Edison site under scrutiny for toxins

A controversial Edison housing development is facing environmental scrutiny again after the state alerted township officials to possible cancer-causing contaminants at the site.

Township attorney Jeff Lehrer said the state Department of Environmental Protection told Edison health officials about the presence of PAHs -- polycyclic aromatic hy drocarbons -- at the Beechwood at Edison development site, which will include 198 apartments, 87 townhouses and a strip mall.

The site is jointly under construction by Piscataway developer Jack Morris and Florida-based Lennar Corp.
Choi said Morris's company, Edgewood Properties, did not inform Edison about the findings.

"They claimed it was unreliable findings," Choi said. "My position is we must do independent tests to make it clear."

A spokeswoman for Edgewood Properties declined to comment.

Edgewood is also at the center of a state criminal and civil probe into how PCB-contaminated concrete debris was moved from the former Ford factory site on Route 1. Edgewood Properties had more than 80,000 tons of the tainted de bris moved from the Ford site to several residential and commercial development sites in Middlesex, Mercer and Ocean counties.
Beechwood also became a political issue, when it was revealed dur ing the election season that Morris, a major political contributor to Democrats and business partner of Middlesex County power broker John Lynch, had become involved in its development.

"The Beechwood development always smelled funny to me," Choi said.


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