Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Fort Monmouth Propositions

From the Star Ledger

Clusters of housing proposed for Fort Monmouth property

"The first glimpse of Fort Monmouth's possible future emerged yesterday with a plan that envisions clusters of housing near three of the towns that border the 89-year-old Army communications research center, which is slated to close in 2011."

"Officials called the study, which was prepared by nine University of Pennsylvania graduate students, a starting point for discussions about what should come to the land after the last soldier leaves."

"The study envisions clusters of housing, retail and office space near the installation's borders with Eatontown, Tinton Falls and Oceanport."

"Although Fort Monmouth covers about 1,100 acres in two parcels on either side of Route 35, the study said that only about 900 of those acres are suitable for development, largely because of protected wetlands on the eastern edge of the main post."

"In all, the proposal called for about 1,400 housing units, including apartments, townhouses and detached single-family houses."

"The proposal focused much of the development on the three "town centers," which would cover just under 200 acres. The rest of the land, the report's authors wrote, could be used for parks and recreation areas."

"The Pentagon once turned closed military installations over to the surrounding communities at little or no cost. But the Department of Defense has now said that it intends to seek "market value" for Fort Monmouth and the other 32 major installations ordered closed last year."

"Tarantolo acknowledged as much yesterday, saying the new redevelopment authority will likely have to be in partnership with developers who will pay to acquire land."


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