Thursday, June 22, 2006

Somerville to Redevelop Landfill

From the Star Ledger:

Somerville considers future uses for landfill

Somerville has a message for developers hungrily eyeing the borough's largest remaining open- space tract: Us first.

Still smarting from the last plan for revamping the 115-acre site -- which produced nothing for the town but a decade of legal entanglement -- Somerville officials and residents continued to take the lead in refining their vision for the landfill property at a meeting last night.

What emerged were ideas for mixed-use residential, office and carefully chosen retail buildings near the borough train station and housing and commercial buildings on the land closer to Route 206.
The Hub, the area closest to the borough train station, will primarily become mixed-use residential, office and retail buildings, with businesses carefully selected so as not to draw customers away from the Main Street area, Lane said. The Heights, the steep-sloped area that extends from the center of the property to Route 206, will contain a combination of housing units and commercial or "signature" buildings.
Most participants agreed, and after somewhat narrowing their ideas for The Heights, sent Lane home with requests for specific analyses of the potential fiscal and traffic impact of the changes. Lane said he expects the redevelopment to bring 1,200 residential units to Somerville, which could lead to a population influx that affects the school.


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