Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Will Spring Street Redevelopment Be Affordable?

From the Daily Record:

Developers questioned about Morristown housing

"Developers appointed by the town to redevelop about half of Spring Street faced a string of tough questions from a crowd of about 100 at a Monday night meeting at Union Baptist Church."

"'How many of (the housing units) are affordable?,' one woman asked and set the tone for the meeting."

"Anthony Scotto, of Scotto Properties and Villa Enterprises, the developer selected to perform the redevelopment by the town, and architect Allen Kopelson answered questions and listened to feedback."

"Scotto and Kopelson said they were committed to meeting the state requirement of providing one affordable housing unit per every eight market rate units in the 278-unit development."

"Mayor Donald Cresitello said that the town is seeking to demand that developers make 20 percent of their redevelopment projects affordable housing, where the state only requires 11 percent."

"Cresitello said that because the town did not address its affordable housing requirements in previous years, the town is currently trying to meet its requirement of 300 units, as well as another 250 units anticipated in the next four years."


Blogger kalvin said...

Is this the same Anthony Scotto who was the former International Longshoreman Assoc. President , then later indicted and sent to jail. then joined Herbert Construction and within a year or two, Hrebvert Constr. was indicted for Bribes?? Plus the Son-in-law to the late Albert, "Tough Tony" Anastascio???????

7/13/2006 12:51:00 PM  

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