Saturday, May 13, 2006

New Jersey's Economic Crisis

From the Star Ledger:

Conference addresses economic issues of New Jersey

"In the coming years, New Jersey may face an economic crisis as it approaches build-out, a situation in which all the available land in the state has been either preserved or developed."

"That was the opinion of some of the experts who spoke at the Regional Planning Partnership's (RPP) Smart Growth Economy Project conference Thursday."

"Dianne Brake, president of RPP, said the aim of the conference was to bring together different viewpoints to address economic issues confronting the state. She called the conference a first step necessary in order to "make an effective strategic growth plan that reflects all of New Jersey's goals.""

""Despite the budgetary crisis, we must ensure we fund higher education," Landgraf said. He cited the out-migration of high school and college students to other states as a major economic problem for the state."

"Hallacy called cuts to education an "unfortunate aspect of a financial crisis." He said mending New Jersey's economy could take off enough pressure that budget cuts and tax increases would be utilized less frequently."

""New Jersey is an extraordinary place," Landgraf said, "but we have problems from the perspective of growth.""


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