Tuesday, September 05, 2006

New Jersey, Still Open For Business?

From the Express Times:

Valley's space to grow lures companies

Beth Gorin's journey from northern New Jersey to the Lehigh Valley is a microcosm of a bigger picture.

Hailing from the hustle-bustle of Bergen County's fast-moving suburbs, the new head of Lehigh Valley Economic Development Corp. sees uncharted waters here.

At first glance, the business climate of Bergen County, a densely populated region just west of Manhattan supported by a highly skilled work force, appears unbeatable.

But Gorin, who headed the Bergen County Economic Development Corp. for three years, witnessed frustration beneath the surface.

"Within the state of New Jersey - we always hear the phrase location, location, location - but there is no available space that businesses need to grow," Gorin said.

New Jersey's neighbors have taken notice of that discontent, which stems from a built-out landscape and a tax and regulatory framework many business leaders say is burdensome.

"Other states are throwing incentives, left and right, at New Jersey corporations," Gorin said.

Flip over to the Lehigh Valley, where developable land is not scarce, real estate costs less and many entrepreneurs say they find a more welcoming atmosphere, enhanced with cost-saving programs.

It's that receptiveness that lured Gorin here.

"My tagline in Bergen County was Bergen County is open for business," said Gorin, who began her job with LVEDC on Aug. 7. "Believe me, Pennsylvania is much more open for business."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

this is a smart guy to
get out while the getting is good.

Bergen County is over.

Watch the streets for the various

Are they citizens? I dont think

9/05/2006 06:19:00 AM  

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