Sunday, February 26, 2006

Carnival of New Jersey Bloggers #41


Welcome to the Carnival of New Jersey Bloggers #41

Ok, everyone is probably wondering just what the heck is going on. Well, I'm not even that sure, but this is the fourty first Carnival of New Jersey Bloggers, and welcome. What the Carnival aims to do is to give some exposure to other local blogs you might have not found otherwise. Each week a new blog will host the carnival by posting up a series of links provided by other NJ bloggers. I'm sure you all get the point.

Just Added
Let me give this one more shot.

Enlighten-New Jersey discusses Federal Spending.

On the sociopolitical front, Jay Lassiter of Lassiter Space takes a virtual trip to Dubai.

Gil at Virtual Memories provides us with an interesting perspective on the Genome.

Jersey Goddess Nordette (now turned real estate goddess?) provided this link. I'm not even going to try to characterize this one.

Roberto at DynamicBuzz put up a very good piece on eminent domain in NJ.

The Jersey Tomato saw Billy Joel at MSG.

Tequila Shots for the Soul writes a handful of open letters. Very funny, worth the stop.

Dossy talks about Willy Nelson's new Cowboy Tune.

Debbie and Rich from "Down the Shore" invite you down for Pinball Fever.

Debbie Galant of Baristanet fame has a new novel out, Rattled, that looks to be getting some rave reviews. For those real-estate diehards, it's got McMansions and dishonest real estate developers as well, so you won't feel so left out.

Janet at The Art of Getting takes a look at the pop culture of teen stars.

Steven Hart over at the The Opinion Mill talks about a popular topic this week, politics, in particular a certain Wanker, John Dickerson.

Jeffery at The Contrarian gives us yet another perspective on the Port fiasco.

Real Estate
Real Estate Flipper Tom at Digital Breakfast has another installment in his series, 3 Alarm Fire!

Ken takes a hard look at the New Jersey School Construction Corporation at his blog, Smadanek.

Sharon mulls over the Transportation Trust Fund at the Center of NJ Life.

Paul at NJ Fiscal Folly says the underfunded budget is much worse than advertised.

Jay from Lassiter Space covers the New Jersey Supreme Court hearing Gay Marriage

Jim Testa at Jersey Beat rocks out with a piece on Steve Wynn

Joe over at Joe's Journal debunks some myths on Ethanol vehicles.

Tom Evslin shows you how to get your hands on the big VC bucks over at Fractals of change. Brings back memories of the roarin' 90's, you know, when we spent millions on parties to celebrate the fact that we purchased a domain name. Business plan? What? Sorry, we were busy working on the menu and buying Porsches.

Lynne gets her piano tuned at Shamrocketship. I'm not sure what else to say about this one, yet for some reason I'm compelled to read.

Ciao Pietro! Pietro at Mano a Vino Montclair takes you to Sicily. Unfortunately, it will leave you both hungry and thirsty.

Noreen discusses sexist remarks at her blog, Roderma.

Matt at The Daily Doormat has a great little bit for husbands that want to keep their wives in-check. That was a joke, however as we speak my wife is modifying that contract to suit me.

Tata at Poor Impulse control has something going on with Cats and Jello. You know it's really difficult to write a little something about every one of these.

Dimitri at Cobweb Studios shoots Eye Candy

Sorry if I missed anyone who sent me a link. Blogger seems to have an issue saving drafts and I lost quite a bit of work more than once.

Caveat Emptor!